Why You Should Laugh More

Why You Should Laugh More
A little laughter goes a long way!

Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine! While it may not cure cancer (yet) a good belly laugh has a lot of health benefits. According to a study in California on the impact of laughter, the giggles improve more than just your short-term memory.

YouTube isn’t such a time waster after all

The study found participants had a significant decrease in the stress hormone cortisol after watching just 20 minutes of funny videos. Cortisol has been linked to lower immune response and bone density, weight gain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease.

A good laugh can also ease anxiety, relieve chronic pain, break tension in an awkward situation, burn calories, and give you a great ab workout (ever laugh so hard your stomach hurts?).

So go ahead, watch the cute kitten video or get silly with your friends and have a giggle fit—all in the name of your health.