8 Tips for Healthier Holiday Eating

8 Tips for Healthier Holiday Eating
Holiday parties don't have to signal overindulgence. Use these tips to have your cake and stay healthy too.

The holidays are a time to celebrate, and those celebrations usually mean lots of food. If you’re looking to have fun without feeling weighed down by the time the new year comes around, try these tips for partying without piling on the pounds.

These 8 tips can help you stay the course, enjoy the holidays without feeling deprived or guilty, and make for a much easier January.

1. Wear snug clothing.
Sounds simple, right? Try it. It may be uncomfortable but you will not feel like overeating.

2. Chew gum.
Chewing gum stimulates your digestive process. It makes your body feel as if it is getting food, but it isn’t.

3. Be a food snob.
If you don’t absolutely love it, then leave it.

4. Avoid skipping meals to indulge in upcoming holiday meals.
Research shows that when we skip meals, we eat more overall.

5. Interchange alcohol with non-alcoholic beverages, like water.
The bonus is that you end up drinking less alcohol, and the water fills you up so that you also feel like eating less.

6. Allow yourself one full size dessert at each meal. Do not graze at the dessert table eating little tastes of various desserts. You WILL end up eating more dessert this way.

7. There are usually veggie plates for starters. Try and start with those, or avoid the starters altogether.
We think it fills us up so that we don’t have room for our meal, but then, somehow we do make room…and end up overindulging.

8. Try to plan ahead.
Planning really is key to success. Try to find out what is on the menu ahead of time, and plan your meal accordingly.