5 Easy Ways to Detox After Indulging

5 Easy Ways to Detox After Indulging
Try these tips if you've gone off track lately.

Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all the holiday parties coming up in the next two months, you might have a day (or week) of indulging. A few meals won’t hurt as long as you don’t let it throw you completely off your routine. Here are some easy tips to get back on track with your healthy habits:

1. Choose water.

Get your hydration in without the extra calories. Commit to just water for 24-48 hours after indulging and your system will thank you. Add lemon to give it an extra kick.

2. Get active.

Go for a walk, do some yoga, or grab a friend and hop on the bike for a spin class to really get things moving. Listen to your body and choose an activity that feels right for you.

3. Rest up.

Sleep suffers during the holidays, and as a result so do you. Give your body adequate time to recover by going to bed earlier (or sleeping in a bit later if you can). Nix coffee and soft drinks and stick with herbal tea to get to sleep without counting sheep.

4. Make a plan.

If you’ve felt a bit out of control, grab your agenda and your favourite cookbook and spend some time planning out your meals for the next few days. Focus on lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid anything processed or sugary. Just the act of planning can make you feel better.

5. Think skin deep.

Spend some extra time on your beauty routine. Take a bath with epsom salts and essential oils, apply a nourishing face mask, or dry brush head to toe to get blood flowing and rejuvenate your skin. Poor diet choices and alcohol can take a toll on skin, so pamper yourself back to good health.